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Heathrow to Kings Cross station transfer


Are you feeling tired and out of inspiration at your workplace? Would you like a few days to relax and forget about worries and daily tasks? Then it’s time to consider a short holiday and if you don’t have too

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New in London 2015

247 Heathrow Airport Transfer

247 Heathrow Airport Transfer and your plans for 2015 2015 is here! If you have made any resolutions then it is time to start accomplishing them. Fortunately, the forever young capital city of England and the United Kingdom is up

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Unique hotels, unique memories

Top 20 hotels There are travellers that prefer to save money on accommodations and spend them on entertaining activities or for tasting all the local dishes and beverages. Others prefer to go shopping in the fashion capitals of the world.

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London’s green roof tops

Taxi Transfer to Kensington Roof Gardens

If you find yourself in London on a sunny day and you want to find a quiet place, in the center of the city but at the same time, far enough from the traffic jam and the busy streets of

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The Millennium Bridge

Taxi Transfer to Millennium Bridge

Name: London Millennium Footbridge Address: Upper Thames Street, EC4V 3PA Opened: 10 June 2000; 13 years ago London, the capital of the British Kingdom, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The British Metropolis, which is

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St. Mary Secret Garden

Taxi Transfer to St Mary Secret Garden

With a population of almost 10.000 people, London is a well-developed metropolis, the capital of a rich and historical country. You would think that such a city is filled with urban attractions and that the natural and green places are

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Taxi blockbusters

Taxi Driver

Being a taxi driver is a very popular job in general, but few of them end up on the cover of newspapers or magazines. It does not make them millionaires or bring them eternal fame. The only time when they

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Mr. Taxi

Luxurious Taxi Transfers

In every domain of life, there is a trend to reach perfection or at least to continuously strive to differentiate from the others in a positive way. Some sacrifice large sums of money in order to become the most beautiful,

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