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Looking for a Minicab Dispatch System?

Need also a Booking and/or Dispatching system? One possible solution for you may be SmartCar Dispatch System ( – An end-to-end solution for coach and private hire companies designed and developed by InsoftDEV(

 INSOFTDEV helps the organizations and enterprises to manage field service personnel, fleet and dispatching, increase the level of services for their customers, automate the business processes and expose the business intelligence data.

Their work, as well as contact details, can be found on the official website:

Product in use description

SmartCar is one of the most complex taxi booking systems available, offering a multitude of options some of which are presented below

  • taxi management and booking system which is fully customizable;
  • two separate interfaces for the operators and the clients who make bookings;
  • a mobile application for quick reservations on mobile browsers;
  • e-mail or sms notifications for clients and drivers;
  • an online environment (no installation required);
  • driver tracking, in order to stay up to date with their position at all times;
  • real-time flight tracking;
  • integration with Facebook and Google +.

And many other features.


To view a full presentation, as well as additional information regarding the Smart2Car Dispatch System, you can check out the application website: Taxi-Dispatch-System ,INSOFTDEV


This advert is in courtesy of INSOFTDEV